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Withdrawal: Instant
Status: SCAM/Not-Paying
Min./Max. Deposit: $2.00 – $1000.00
Min. Withdraw: $1.00
Started: 2017-06-08 – Lifetime: 79 days
Monitored: 2017-06-08
Deposited: $1,265.72
Withdrawn: $833.63

ROI: 66%

66% Complete

Description (Plans):

5% for 30 days. ( 150% ) 0.02 – 7.5 Bitcoin

6% for 30 days. ( 180% ) 7.5 – 25 Bitcoin

7% for 30 days. ( 210% ) 25 – 1000 Bitcoin


SWISSrobot Ltd. has been founded by leading swiss analysts, mathematicians, forex- and equity traders.

Three years ago a handful of our experts have discovered, that there is an underlying pattern in every trade. Because of this discovery, we have created several processes, where we found out, that losses and profits can be predicted. These processes are very complex and labour-intensive and to predict the outcome of a trade, hours, even weeks were required. So we were looking for a solution, to drastically reduce the demanded time.

One year later, we’ve created an algorithm, which with a few adaptions, could be used for every trade. It didn’t matter if it was cryptocurrency- or forex trading. After two successful years of testing, we’ve founded SWISSrobot Ltd. in 2017.

SWISSrobot is the first, decentralised, secure and most promising trading roboter in this day and age.

SWISSrobot LTD. is officially registered in England and Wales under the company number 10780637.

Our bureaus can be found in London and Zurich, where our SWISSrobot is being precisely surveyed and maintained 24/7. Additionally our bureaus are under surveillance by an external security firm. Like this we can guarantee the highest security in every area.


Referral Rate:

10% – 3% – 2%


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