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X100K - Program Details

Last Withdrawal:


Category: Cycler/Matrix
Status: Waiting
Withdrawal: Manual
Tracked Investors: 11
Min./Max. Deposit: 10.00 - 10000.00
Min. Withdraw: 30.00
Started: 2014-08-18
Monitored: 2017-10-06
Deposited: $2,215.93
Withdrawn: $9,586.54

ROI: 433%

433% Complete

Description (Plans):

X100K is a long term matrix system works.
Every year in August there is a Relaunch, then
Starts a new series of Pro and Scavenger positions.

The "NIS" Matrix Series (for High Earnings) has a Relaunch every year in February.

"X100K $ 100,000 matrix" 3X8 is the only Team Forced matrix that does not change - This one is suitable for Team Builders

All other matrices (Scavenger and NIS Series) are Company Forced and each year have a Relaunch. All These matrices are for passive earnings.

There are also two series of cheap matrices suitable for new members (Free Way and Freedom matrix).

The key to success at the X100K is to fulfill the 100% loyalty program.

Next launch; the week of August 22 - August 28 2018

PRO 5 2x8 Company Forced Matrix
Cost $7, Earn TOTAL: $400.00 for a full matrix


Scavenger 5 - 3X3 Company Forced Matrix
100% Matching Commissions!

Cost $50.00 -Limit 5 per day.
Earn TOTAL: $500.00 for a Completed Matrix

Step by step:
Deposit at least $ 94, (If we want to buy more than one Scavenger 5 position, we need to add $ 50 for each additional position)
Buy Subscription for $ 7
When the subscription is activated, buy the Scavenger 5 position.
You can buy 5 positions per day, (buy one at a time)

- More information on Member Home and Scroll Down.

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Happy earnings!

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