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Category: HYIP
Status: SCAM/Not-Paying
Withdrawal: Manual
Tracked Investors: 3
Min./Max. Deposit: 10.00 - 10000.00
Min. Withdraw: 1.00
Started: 2016-11-24
Monitored: 2017-11-24
Deposited: $110.00
Withdrawn: $159.57

ROI: 145%

145% Complete

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In China Investing - Investment Company, incorporated July 1, 2012 in Hong Kong. You can see the "Documents" tab With certificate of registration.It's no secret that investing involves diversification of funds. You no longer need to worry about it! Our experts independently allocate funds from investors and companies in various areas of investment of the Chinese People's Republic, which allows to obtain a permanent income and reduces risks. Investments are distributed among such areas as real estate, tourism, stock market and industry  , and trade.

Property includes ownership of assets of large companies, specializing in the construction, ownership of office, residential and commercial real estate, and its implementation. 



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