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Category: HYIP
Status: SCAM/Not-Paying
Withdrawal: Instant
Tracked Investors: 2
Min./Max. Deposit: 0.00 - *
Min. Withdraw: 0.10
Started: 2017-10-22
Monitored: 2017-11-27
Deposited: $50.24
Withdrawn: $70.50

ROI: 140%

140% Complete

Description (Plans):

Fun HYIP were you buy fruits trees and sell the fruits at a fix rate.

Free apple tree offered at registration.

4 fruit tree types are available across 7 levels (the higher the level, the more productive the tree):

- apple tree from Lv1 10 rb (20%/month) to Lv7 8.580 rb (30%/month)

- pear tree from Lv1 30 rb (21%/month) to Lv7 22.470 rb (32%/month)

- plum tree from Lv1 50 rb (22%/month) to Lv7 36.450 rb (33%/month)

- apricot tree from Lv1 100 rb (23%/month) to Lv7 84.700 rb (35%/month)


You also have a PTC section were you can click, watch an add and earn rb and/or you can advertize your website at a reasonnable price.


Don't also forget the daily bonus (the amount you can claim depends of the amount you deposited and increase over a 5-day period). The amount claimed can then be used to buy a new tree or level up an existing tree.


Instant payment from 6 rb (0.1$), fix 2.9% withdrawal fees.


The site is in Russian, but Chrome for exemple can translate it for you (far right on your address bar) and the quality of the translation is definitely good enough.

The site is nice, the principle is good, I already made several withdrawals :-)

Referral Rate:

Commission on 2 levels: 7% - 3%


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