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Please, before you invest in any program listed here, do your own research about it and what a HYIP is.
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Waazme - Program Details

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Category: HYIP
Status: SCAM/Not-Paying
Withdrawal: Instant
Tracked Investors: 1
Min./Max. Deposit: 20.00 - 50000.00
Min. Withdraw: 0.10
Started: 2018-05-18
Monitored: 2018-10-10
Deposited: $20.00
Withdrawn: $23.74

ROI: 119%

119% Complete

Description (Plans):

104% - 160% after 1 day, 130% - 520% after 6 days,180% - 1200% after 12 days, 5000% after 50 days


About Waazme
Analysts and experts of the financial and economic sphere work in the new department dealing with crypto-currencies. Thanks to extensive experience in the field of crypto-currency transactions, they were able to develop a forward-looking algorithm for assessing the possible growth of each crypto currency and predict the profitability of investments in this sphere with incredible accuracy. Thus, each investment project of the company pays off even in spite of the drop in some quotes. This, in turn, allowed attracting new investors.

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