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Please, before you invest in any program listed here, do your own research about it and what a HYIP is.
HYIP Investments are Gambling and we are not responsible for your losses!


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Category: HYIP
Status: SCAM/Not-Paying
Withdrawal: Instant
Tracked Investors: 0
Min./Max. Deposit: 10.00 - *
Min. Withdraw: 1.00
Started: 2018-12-19
Monitored: 2019-01-10
Deposited: $368.00
Withdrawn: $457.67

ROI: 124%

124% Complete

Description (Plans):

Investment Plans: 102.5% after 1 day, 125% after 3 days, 150% after 5 days, 185% after 10 days, 225% after 15 days, 350% after 30 days


CryptoBanker investment firms operating under the CryptoBanker trademark, are leading online trading service providers, offering investment services for trading with Forex and CFDs on indices, metals, energies, stocks, bonds and cryptocurrencies.

Our dedication to provide access to highly-functional software and quality assurance means that our clients receive the best and most transparent trading experience. CryptoBanker uses external auditors to enhance its operational and internal procedures to ensure regulatory compliance.

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