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Category: HYIP
Status: Paying
Withdrawal: Instant
Tracked Investors: 4
Min./Max. Deposit: 3.00 - 10000.00
Min. Withdraw: 0.50
Started: 2019-04-29
Monitored: 2019-05-03
Deposited: $1,950.00
Withdrawn: $38.30

ROI: 2%

2% Complete

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LPHA INTELECT was founded in 2017.
Our company began its activities rapidly and as a result we quickly achieved impressive results.
More than 2 years of experience in the creation and implementation of our developments in the field of artificial intelligence.
Our main goal is to go ahead of our competitors and offer innovative solutions.
Our developments and ideas are used in medicine, process automation, agriculture, industry, and the banking sector.

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